October 19, 2021
Heater Troubleshooting in Fort Myers, FL

It can be frustrating to have your heater run non-stop. A heater that won’t turn off can cause significant issues. Your heater should automatically turn off when the temperatures are right and on when the temperatures are low. When the heater keeps running, you might experience increased energy costs and an uncomfortable home environment. If your heater doesn’t turn off, you may be experiencing one of the problems below.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

Most times, when your heater won’t turn off, it’s because your thermostat accidentally gets switched to an incorrect setting. Some thermostats have on and auto settings. When your furnace is switched on, your blower fan will keep on running. Changing it to Auto ensures the heater switches on and off automatically. Ensure you check your thermostat setting if you notice your heater keeps running.

Ductwork Leaks

The ductwork in your house is responsible for distributing cool or warm air in your rooms. When you have leaks in your ducts, most of this air goes to your attic instead of the intended rooms. Your heater then runs continuously to try and heat your home. Leaky ducts not only keep your heater on, but they also increase your energy costs and result in inefficiency. If you suspect you have leaky ducts, call our professionals to seal them and restore your system.

Clogged Air Filter

When dirt and debris build up in your air filter, it restricts air from entering your heater. If your air filter is not passing air to your heater, the heater runs non-stop to try and heat your home. Check your air filter if your system won’t stop running and clean or replace the air filter. You should replace your air filter after three months to ensure your heater runs efficiently.

If you experience problems with your heater in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas, Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC takes pride in offering the best heating repairs, installation, and maintenance services. When your AC breaks down, we also provide exceptional cooling services. To get reliable services from our experts, contact Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC today and book an appointment.

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