July 16, 2020

Thermostats often have a number of settings for comfort. Two of the most common are “auto” and “on.” These settings have a couple of key differences that may confuse some homeowners. Let us take a close look at whether you should have your thermostat set to auto or on.


“Auto” is a setting that you might have been advised to use in the past. In the automatic setting, the fan only operates when air is actively being cooled or heated. This saves money in the long run because the fan isn’t being used when not needed. In essence, the thermostat is operating intelligently on its own. It requires minimal attention on your end.


The “on” setting means that the fan is running at all times. If you want to cool your home to the maximum degree, this is the setting you want. You’ll be able to relax in comfort with a breeze washing over your body. One of the best parts about the “on” setting is that you know what you’re getting every single time.

Making a Decision

How should you make a decision given all of the above? It really comes down to whether you’re concerned about the adverse effects of leaving your thermostat set to “on.” This setting is more expensive to operate, but it can provide relief for individuals with asthma or allergies. The air will circulate throughout every room of your household. On the other hand, if you don’t want to be bothered by your thermostat, set it to “auto” and rest assured that it’s smartly handling the air.

Contact the Professionals

In conclusion, a couple of factors affect whether you should have your thermostat set to “auto” or “on.” For more information about your thermostat, a company such as Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC in Fort Myers, FL, can be of assistance. We can also provide good insight into heating repairs, AC installations, and duct cleaning. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today to talk with an HVAC expert.

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