January 5, 2021

Even though you can’t see it, humidity is everywhere. Most people associate humidity with sweltering summer days. During summer in Cape Coral, FL, it’s common for people to plan their schedules around relative humidity readings. For one reason or another, humidity seems to slip away from your attention during winter. Humidifiers are much more relevant to winter than summer. If you want to stay comfortable this winter, make sure to incorporate humidity into your daily routine.

Humidity’s Effect on How You Feel

Life on Earth is supported by a near-perfect harmony of natural processes and phenomena such as the greenhouse effect. Another vital natural process is the water cycle. Without evaporation, clouds would never form and rain would never fall.

Just like bodies of water, evaporation affects the human body. Since evaporation requires heat, your body can use heat to make sweat evaporate, which cools you down.

Humid summer days feel so hot because the air is already filled with water vapor. Rather than evaporating, your sweat drips away without making you any cooler. Humidity also affects you during winter. When it’s cold outside, humidity makes you feel warmer.

The Link Between Humidifiers and Heating

Making indoor air more humid during summer makes no sense. Using a humidifier would make you feel hotter, in turn leading you to want more air conditioning.

The opposite is true during winter. Since humidity makes you feel warmer, you want a high-humidity environment inside your home or workplace. However, heaters take humidity away. Using a humidifier during winter makes you feel warmer. It can also keep your eyes and nasal passages from drying out when the heat comes on.

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