January 5, 2020

Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC is the place residents of Fort Myers call when they have a problem with the temperature in their homes. Our skilled technicians can handle any heating or cooling system issues. However, we also know that there is more to your home comfort than the thermostat setting. If there is a problem with your indoor air quality, it can have a serious impact on you and your family.

Common Household Impurities

When the sun streams through your window, you may see bits of dust floating around in the light. This kind of dust is a mixture of human and pet dander, hair and loose fibers. You can remove many of these impurities with basic household cleaning like sweeping and dusting.

However, the more troubling irritants are those that you cannot see. Seasonal pollen grains can float inside your home. The Florida humidity makes an excellent breeding ground for dust mites and mold spores. At the microscopic level, you will find viruses and bacteria that spread illness. You will also find volatile organic compounds like those found in cleaning and beauty products. This mix of common irritants can create an unhealthy environment for your family members.

Signs of Poor Air Quality

If you have allergy issues, poor air quality can mean a constant runny nose and sneezing. If you have a more serious respiratory problem like asthma, a high concentration of irritants can lead to breathing problems. For other people, poor air quality can cause headaches and fatigue. These symptoms often go away when you spend a few nights in a cleaner environment.

Professional Solutions

Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC installs and maintains many different indoor air quality products. We can improve your home ventilation, bringing in fresh air and pushing out stale air. A stronger air filter will remove some of the smaller irritants from your air supply. A whole-home humidity control system can minimize mold growth. An air purification system coupled with a UV lamp will kill off viruses and break down organic compounds as they pass through your ductwork. Let us know your concern, and we can provide the right solution.

At Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC, we are ready to handle all of your heating, cooling and air quality needs. Our staff has the knowledge and skill to get the job done right. Contact Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC today and breathe a little easier in your Fort Myers home.

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