June 28, 2021
Ideal Indoor Temperature in Fort Meyers, FL

When the heat of the summer months returns, so does the battle of the home thermostat. Many of us deal with the constant battle of keeping our homes at a comfortably cool level while ensuring we don’t hike up our electricity bills too much. Fortunately, you can find a feasible middle ground if you take the time to utilize a programmable thermostat.

At-Home Temperature Versus Away Temperature

The best way to make your air conditioning system as energy efficient as possible is to utilize a programmable thermostat. You can set a desired temperature while you’re at home and set a different temperature when you’re away from home. The latter will obviously be a higher temperature as there is no one at home to worry about keeping cool.

By utilizing this strategy, you can help to prevent your centralized home air conditioning unit from running when it’s not really necessary. Take a few moments and write down the times that you’ll be away from home during the average week. You’ll want to have these outlined for when you go to program your home thermostat.

Industry-Recommended Temperatures

Most air conditioning professionals will recommend setting your home thermostat to between 76 and 78 degrees when your family is home. The trick is to set a particular temperature where you feel comfortable without having to wear a sweatshirt or other heavy clothing. Once you figure out what your ideal at-home temperature is going to be, it’s time to determine your desired away temperature.

It’s highly recommended to set your away temperature at 10 degrees higher than your at-home temperature. This helps to keep your system from running when you’re not at home unless it’s absolutely necessary. By keeping your away temperature within 10 degrees of your at-home temperature, you can be assured that your air conditioning system can easily kick back on and return to your at-home temperature within a reasonable amount of time.

Quality AC Maintenance

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