April 5, 2021
AC Efficiency in Fort Myers, Florida

Air conditioners are a necessity, especially if you reside in a place like Fort Myers. Air conditioners rely on their parts to work together and keep your home comfortable by providing ideal indoor temperatures. Therefore, the parts ought to be in good shape all the time for an air conditioning system to perform its role. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much about air conditioners and their essential parts, nor that one-half of the AC system is located inside your house, while the other half outside. Read on to learn more about your air conditioner.



The thermostat is an integral component of your home’s air conditioner. Its job is to maintain a set temperature. Unless your air conditioner is set at the right indoor temperature, its parts are unlikely to function correctly. A damaged thermostat might affect how well your air conditioner cools your home. Therefore, it’s paramount to check on your thermostat often to ensure that it’s cooling your living space as it should.

Expansion Valve

The refrigerant that leaves the condenser has a lot of heat that cannot enter the condenser coils. Therefore, it needs to cool down before passing to the coils. The expansion valve plays the role of cooling the refrigerant in its liquid form.


You can find your air conditioner’s evaporator on the cold side of the unit. It plays a role in receiving the liquid refrigerant and converting it into gas.

The gas then cools and dehumidifies indoor air. The gas takes in all of the heat from the indoor air and moves it into the condenser.



The refrigerant is an essential fluid in the cooling and freezing technology of an air conditioner. Also known as a coolant, the refrigerant functions on a closed-loop. It transports heat from the indoors to the outside. It acts as a messenger, and it changes from the liquid to vapor form at ideal temperatures for the refrigeration cycle.

Now you know some of the most critical parts of an air conditioner. The next step should be to clean and maintain the parts regularly. Our technicians can maintain, inspect and fix any faulty AC component. We also specialize in residential HVAC services, ductwork, insulation, heating services, and indoor air quality solutions. Contact Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC today for prompt and high-quality AC services in Fort Meyers and the surrounding areas.
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