June 20, 2023
Ductless Mini-split in Fort Myers, FL

A ductless mini-split system can be a great option for cooling and heating certain rooms or even the entire house. Energy efficiency is obviously an important factor when considering a mini-split or any other HVAC unit, and it is one area where mini-splits are far superior to virtually any other option. To help you understand just how energy-efficient mini-splits are, here is a quick overview of how they compare to other heating and cooling options.

Mini-Split Heating Efficiency

Mini-splits are typically two to three times more energy efficient than any other type of heating. They are far more efficient and use much less energy than gas furnaces or other electric heating options. Despite also being a type of heat pump, mini-splits are also more efficient than central heat pumps. This is because around 20-30% of the energy used by the average central heating system is wasted due to air leaking out of the ductwork or the ducts not being properly insulated.

The only real issue with a mini-split or a central heat pump is that these units will need to defrost occasionally during cold weather, and the unit won’t be able to provide any heat while defrosting. As such, you may still need to occasionally rely on space heaters or some other type of heating source for short periods. Despite this fact, a mini-split will still always be by far one of the least expensive options for heating your home.

Mini-Split SEER Ratings

The energy efficiency of mini-splits, central air conditioners and most other cooling units is measured using the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio scale. Most central ACs and central heat pumps range between 14 and 20 SEER. There are some units that have a much higher rating, but they tend to be extremely expensive.

Most mini-splits, on the other hand, will be at least 20 SEER, and you can find some that are as high as 30 SEER. These higher SEER ratings mean that mini-splits are much more energy efficient. Mini-splits are also more energy efficient since they don’t have the same energy waste issues as ducted HVAC systems do. A mini-split system will also use far less energy and run more quietly than a window air conditioner or portable AC.

If you’re looking to add a ductless mini-split system to your home, Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC is here to help. We carry an extensive selection of energy-efficient ductless mini-splits from trusted brands like Lennox, Mitsubishi, and Bryant. We also install central heating and cooling systems, and our team can take care of any of your HVAC maintenance and repair needs as well. Give us a call today if you have any questions about mini-splits or if you need to schedule any HVAC service in the Fort Myers area.

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