Things you should consider before your A/C Purchase

Qualification of Company – Choose your A/C Contractor wisely. Who designs & installs your equipment is more important than what equipment goes in. Choosing the wrong contractor can cost you thousands!

  • What is the reputation and years in business of the contractor?
  • Are they licensed & insured?

Safety– Do you know enough about your contractor for you to feel comfortable about them coming into your private space?

  • Gulf Shore Cooling background checks and drugs screens all of their employees.
  • Do you get a personal bio and text notification from the contractor coming to your home before they arrive?

Whole home comfort – Quality contractors just don’t look at the equipment, they look at all aspects that pertain to the indoor air comfort, equipment, air distribution, & indoor air quality of your home

  • Any hot or cold spots in your house?
  • Any indoor air quality issues like odors or allergies?

Your home comfort is our top priority. To make sure we come prepared with the best options for your home please take our Customer Comfort Survey

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