June 16, 2020

Having mold circulating in the air of your home can cause an array of health issues. Running an air conditioner can promote mold grown in your ductwork. If this mold becomes detached from the walls of a piece of ductwork, it can be carried into your house and be inhaled. The mold growing on the inside of ducts can be difficult to clean using standard methods. Here are some things you can do to reduce mold from AC ducts.

Effective Ozone Shock Treatments

Exposing mold to high levels of ozone is an effective way of killing it. This is called ozone shock treatment. An ozone generator can be rented or bought to help treat mold in your ducts. Before starting treatment, cover all of the vents in your residence with plastic to keep any ozone from escaping from your ductwork. Hook the generator up to the intake of your air conditioner and let it run on high. Most treatments take several hours but can vary depending on the size of your duct systems.

Clear Out Your Ducts

Remove the plastic from your vents after the treatment is finished. To help move air through your ductwork, turn on your air conditioner. If the smell of ozone is strong in your house, opening windows can help the situation.

Hire a Professional

Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC offers duct cleaning services that can remove even the most stubborn mold from your Fort Myers ductwork system. If your mold issues still persist after you’ve tried to treat them yourself, it’s time to call a professional. Advanced techniques can ensure that all mold is killed.

Reliable HVAC Professionals

Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC offers high-quality heating and cooling services, including AC repair, furnace replacement, AC installation, and heating maintenance in Fort Myers. We’re also highly experienced with ductless mini-split systems, duct cleaning, duct repairs, and duct installations. For emergency repairs, we offer 24/7 availability. Our NATE-certified technicians perform high-quality work, and our BBB-accredited business maintains an A+ rating. To learn more about the services we offer in Fort Myers, FL, give Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC a call today.


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