August 21, 2023
Air filter services in Fort Myers, FL

The air filter in your HVAC system is a key component that plays a critical role in system efficiency, performance, and indoor air quality. Regularly changing the air filter is vital to air conditioner maintenance, whether it’s the heating or cooling season. Read on to learn more about why you should change your HVAC air filter in the summer.

Monthly Inspection and Filter Replacement

The air filter should receive a quick monthly visual inspection to ensure your HVAC system operates at its best, regardless of the season. If the filter appears dusty, clogged, or damaged, it should be replaced promptly. During the winter heating season, experts generally recommend air filter replacement every three months. However, in the summer, when the central air conditioner runs longer and more frequently, it is best to change the filter monthly.

Increased Air Circulation and Airborne Particulates

During the typical summer day, the central air conditioner runs for longer cycles and more hours than the winter furnace. This extended operation results in a greater volume of air circulating through the system daily, leading to more airborne particulates being captured by the air filter. Replacing the filter more frequently during the summer is essential to maintain optimum filtration.

Impact of Humidity on Filter Contamination

Summer months often bring higher levels of indoor relative humidity. As humid air circulates through the system’s ductwork, the air filter’s media may become contaminated by moisture, leading to potential bacterial growth, mold, and other pathogens. Additionally, a wet or damp filter is less effective at capturing airborne particulates, compromising indoor air quality.

Reducing Airborne Allergens

Warm months during the cooling season coincide with increased levels of airborne allergy triggers like pollen and mold spores. A filter filled with these captured allergens could act as a breeding ground for microorganisms, continuously compromising indoor air quality. Regular monthly filter changes during the summer help reduce the concentration of airborne allergens inside your home.

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