May 13, 2020

Air conditioners condense humidity from the air, turning it into water. That water has to go somewhere, and the drain pipe routes it away from the air conditioner’s compressor and air handler to your waste water system.

Over time, the drain pipe could get clogged. Here is what you need to know about unclogging the AC drain pipe in your Fort Myers, FL, home.

How To Unclog Your AC Drain Pipe

How to Tell If Your AC Drain Line Is Clogged

Before you start taking apart your air conditioner and mixing white vinegar, it’s important to know the signs of a clogged AC drain line. Some newer air conditioning systems have an indicator that flashes when the line is clogged. If you have a smart thermostat, it may display a message on the touchscreen. You can also check the drain pan. If there is a puddle by the AC unit, the drain line is probably clogged. A full drain pan also suggests a clog.

Steps to Unclog the Drain Line

To unclog the AC drain, you need a long, thin wire brush, white vinegar, and a wet/dry vacuum. Follow these steps:
  • Turn off the AC’s power
  • Locate the drain
  • Push a thin, stiff wire brush into the drain pipe
  • Attach a wet/dry vacuum to the drain opening
  • Use the vacuum’s suction to remove debris
  • Remove vent tee’s cap
  • Scrub the vent
  • Pour one cup white vinegar and one cup water into the drain pipe
  • Let the mixture remain for 30 minutes
  • Flush the drain with water

How Often to Clean the AC Drain Pipe

Check your AC drain pan once per month. About every three months, clean the drain line. You can also have this done during your AC tune-up visits.

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