December 3, 2020

It’s recommended you get your air ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years. This can vary, though, depending on your individual circumstances. There are signs you need your air ducts cleaned sooner rather than later.

New Home or Major Renovation

If you just bought a new home or recently had a major renovation, it’s likely you need your air ducts cleaned. Construction is messy as it releases dust, dirt, debris and other particulates you don’t want your family breathing. This occurs no matter how careful the contractor is. These particulates invariably end up in the air ducts, from where they circulate throughout your home.

Mold in Furnace or Air Conditioner

If an HVAC professional tells you there is mold in your furnace or air conditioner, you should take care of the problem immediately. Contact an indoor air quality expert who has the experience and equipment to identify the mold and remove it.

If mold is found in your heating and cooling equipment, there’s a good chance it’s found your way into your air ducts. You should have an HVAC company clean your ductwork so the mold is removed and won’t return.

Your Home Is Always Dusty

If your home is always dusty, it’s likely because your air ducts are covered in dust and dirt. Remove some vent covers and look inside to see if you need your ducts cleaned.

Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC of Fort Myers, FL, offers an air duct cleaning service. We’ve been helping customers since 1983.

Your Utility Bills Are Climbing

Dirty air ducts reduce airflow. This can cause your HVAC equipment to work harder, which increases your utility bills. When cleaning your air ducts, the technician will also check for leaks, which also cause higher utility bills.

At Gulf Shore Cooling, LLC, we’re highly experienced indoor air quality services and solutions, too. Please call today if you’d like our team to handle your next duct repair, duct installation, or duct maintenance service!

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