November 18, 2022
Furnace Cycle in Fort Meyers, FL

How often do you pay attention to how long your furnace cycle is running? Believe it or not, this can tell you a lot about the health of your system and give you an early indicator that something is askew. Discover how long your furnace heating cycles should run and what may cause them to run unusual lengths.

Single-Stage or Two-Stage Furnaces

Before we can discuss how long the normal heating cycle should last, you have to know what kind of furnace you have. There are single-stage systems, which run on high whenever it cycles on. Then you have two-stage systems, which have two different heat output modes, depending on what’s needed in your home.

The single-stage furnace should run 10- to 15-minute cycles and should run two or three cycles per hour. The two-stage system runs most of the time at the lower heating output but will run nearly continually. Despite the longer heating cycle, the lower consumption is more efficient, and less cycling means less strain on your system.

What Causes Unusual Furnace Cycles?

Whether you have a single- or two-stage furnace, it’s important to know what will impact the heating cycle. Any of these factors will reduce the system’s efficiency, causing unusual heating cycles, more energy consumption, and excess system strain. You may experience extended heating cycles or very short cycles with many stops and starts.

The most common cause of unusual cycle length is an airflow restriction of some form. These are commonly caused by a dirty air filter, blocked supply or return vents, a dirty heat exchanger or circulating fan wheel, and dirty or clogged ducts.

Your system may also be aging, which reduces its heating capacity. Homeowners typically see an increase in energy consumption due to longer heating cycles in the last two years of service. Because of age, your furnace may have a faulty limit switch, heat sensor, or circulating fan motor.

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