December 12, 2023
Family enjoying warm home in Fort Myers, FL

A space heater is never a good substitute for a fixed, whole-house heating solution. Using a space heater long-term can lead to a high risk of fire and physical injury. It can also significantly drive up the costs of heating your Fort Myers, FL home and leave you with a lower-than-average indoor air quality (IAQ). Read on to find out why having a furnace installed is a far better solution.

Fixed Heating Equipment Offers Far More Than Just Heat

In addition to heating homes, furnaces offer a modest amount of air filtration and humidity regulation. Running your furnace during the winter months will minimize the amount of dust, pollen, dander, carpet fibers, and other allergens floating around your living space.

It can also help you maintain balanced humidity and sidestep moisture-related issues like mildew and mold. Ongoing humidity regulation from a furnace can prevent problems like warped building materials, blistered paintwork, peeling wallpaper, and dust mites, among other things.

You Can’t Go to Bed With a Space Heater Running

Winter in Fort Myers is far from freezing. However, nighttime temperatures can be cool enough to warrant the use of a heater. Unfortunately, space heaters should not be left running unattended. This includes using a space heater while you’re asleep. This makes a space heater an impracticable heating solution during the only time when you’re likely to need it.

Space Heaters Can Only Heat One Room at a Time

With a single space heater, you can only heat a single, small-sized room at a time. This proves especially problematic in larger homes with multiple residents. Worse still, if you want to heat an open space such as a living room or den, the heat from your space heater will migrate to other, colder areas before you have the chance to enjoy it.

Are you ready to have a furnace installed in your home?

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